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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chapters 1 & 2 and some creative advertising

Hitting some high spots in Chapter 1 & 2 then diving into some marketing and advertising events and articles.
IMC is the foundation of this course 
“One look, one voice” - it’s all about branding across all this platforms with a uniform message, them and feel.  All the contact points with consumer should have the same brand feel.
Technology perspective 1-1
Key stat - average consumer
2000 - 30 minutes on-line
2010 - 4 hours on-line
If you look at this in regard to IMC, interactive/internet was a complimentary, even secondary player.  In 2011, this is not true.  Expenditure on internet/interactive advertising has drastically increased.
Web 2.0 - what it is.
85% of Americans own mobile phones.  Many of us consider them an integral part of our lives - especially smart phones.  
If you are looking for the next trend in technology related to advertising - your book suggest e-Readers, but I’m going to suggest tablets - like the iPad.  
I’m using my iPad to find articles for the class through a free on-line magazine aggregator called “Zite.”  Flipboard, Pulse and Editions are other similar on-line magazine/aggregator services.
Chapter 2
Psychographic segmentation:
VALS - take the survey yourself,
Prizm - you can type your zip code into their database and it will tell you the lifestyle groups that live in your area.  

Perspective 2-1
Woman 5 trillion in spending power in the US
55 billion in tech expenditures 
90 billion in electronics expenditures
85% of household spending under women’s control
Women’s roles have in society have changed.  Dell put together a site for women called Della in 2009.
    • It was taken down within 10 days
    • Seen as condescending by women
    • “Tech tips” - were about cooking, recipes and health - nothing tech there.
The lesson - do your research
Here’s some links about Della:
Now, let’s talk some current events
Dunkin Donuts has a new campaign following up on our the 2010 Ultimate Coffee Fan search. 
      • Think in terms of - “one look, one voice”
    Burger King has ditched the King mascot - a nightmare ender for many of us.
    Millennial media SMART report - their 50th about the mobile marketing industry.
    Mobile advertising figures, examples, and some idea of trends.
    Now, let’s look at some fun and innovative advertisements and promotions that are out there:
      • Heineken has an occasionally perfect billboard - featuring bands doing short sets.
      • From the “Ads of the World” site we have one from Cashmere - recycling, a good thing.
      • The “I can be creative” website offers up 200 creative and innovative ads for enjoyment.
      • And just when you thought benches were boring, some brands are using them in a creative way to startle you and get your attention.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    MKTG 4650 - so it begins - an Introduction!

    This podcast covers a few basic thing about our online course:

    • My introduction
    • Walk through of the syllabus
    • Where things are on our GaView webpage
    • Important industry websites:
    My husband, Shane, and I on our honeymoon