Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sharpie's IMC and Old Navy goes Mobile

I found a couple of interesting articles I thought I would share that were related to class.

We've talked a lot about IMC - integrating all our communications together so that they support the brand and the campaign we're creating.  Here is a great example of a company, Sharpie, using IMC to maximize impact on their digital - youtube:
Sharpie on YouTube grabs 62 million impressions 

We've also talked about the growing importance of the mobile market.  This article highlights the latest Old Navy mobile campaign on Pandora Radio.  If a listener clicks on the Old Navy ad, they are taken to a mobile friendly Old Navy website.  One of the keys they stressed was being prepared with a site designed for mobile phones if you are targeted phone users.
Old Navy Drives Mobile Sales for Fall Collection via Targeted Ad

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