Saturday, August 25, 2012

Starting Up - 4650 takes flight

The semester has finished it's first full week of classes, and believe it or not, I'm still trying to get access to all the websites and services that I need.  My netid/email was changed - and it has been amazing to find the places where I do and do not have access.  Hopefully, everything is turned on now and there will be no more surprises!

My 4650 class is going to get four videos quickly catching us up for the semester.  I thought I would summarize the first two here - and have a bit longer post on Chapters 3 & 4.

Chapter 1 introduces us to the idea of IMC - integrated marketing communications - where we tie together all the aspects of advertising and promotion that help develop a brand in a consumer's mind.  Advertising is one part of this picture - but so is Public Relations & Publicity, Internet/Interactive, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, and Personal Selling.  

The driving force behind IMC is the idea of 'one look, one voice' at every touchpoint with the consumer.  Starbucks has a great example of this in their Refreshers campaign that ran during the Summer Olympics.  The colors used in their IMC campaign for Refreshers is the same regardless of the medium that is being used.  McDonald's is another example that we can look at for creating brand identity and one look, one voice.

In Chapter 2, we take a look at how we can segment our markets as well as how we can position our brand/product in the consumer's mind.  Take a look at the prezi to get a better feel for the chapter.

Now, for Chapter 3, where we take a look into the world of Advertising Agencies.  I wanted to look at a few of the big agencies, but also a smaller non-traditional agency and a local B2B agency.

Leo Burnett Worldwide, a 77-year-old agency, is our first stop.  Leo Burnett stresses their culture that started with their founder - Leo Burnett.  You will often see big black pencils on their site which Burnett was known for - the big idea.  By the way, Burnett is the gentleman who brought us The Marlboro Man. 

They developed the ads Kellogg's ran talking about celebrating the start of an athlete's career.  Here's a behind-the-scenes look:

Another exciting thing at Leo Burnett is their idea of the social shopper - we'll take another look at this in Chapter 4, when we talk about Consumer Behavior.  You'll need to scroll up and down on the image to see all the social shopper types.

Social Shopping Archetypes from Leo Burnett Worldwide

Next we look at Ogilvy and Mather ad agency. David Oglivy started this agency about the same time as Leo Burnett.  If you have ever watched the TV show Mad Men, you have seen a dramatization of the time in which Burnett and Ogilvy were blazing trails in advertising.    His book - Ogilvy on Advertising - is one of the main reasons I fell in love of advertising and marketing. Their website is an interesting one and starts off with "Why choose Oglivy and Mather" - this takes you to a video Miles Young the current CEO and President talking about the foundation and culture of the company.  Oglivy believed in research and being creative - but he would have said it wasn't creative if it didn't bring results.

Saatchi and Saatchi is the last full-service worldwide agency we will take a look at.  Here you can see their point of differentiation as being the 'lovemarks company.'  A lovemark is "a product, service or entity that inspires Loyalty Beyond Reason."

These agencies may very well compete against each other for clients if an account goes up 'for review.' This means the brand/product company is looking for a new agency to develop their next campaign.  There is a variety of reasons for a brand deciding it needs a new agency from bad results from its current agency to conflicts with personnel and changes in personnel.  Barkley US, an employee owned agency, explains on their website: 
"When the review is over and you start a relationship with a new agency, what you get is people. Week in, week out. Their ideas. Their experiences. Their ability to listen. Their resolve. In the end, your new agency is not going to solve your problems. Its people are.  We believe we've got the best people in the business."
Barkley is stressing the idea that it is people that work together.  In many agencies it is the account executive who is the go-between the client and the agency.  Communication, patience and organizational skills are important for people who fill this roll.  While you are on the Barkley website, take a chance to click on the "Good" video in their header.  It will tell you a little bit more about them, and how they differentiate themselves - by being an ad agency that wants to do go.  

Lastly, let's take a trip to downtown Atlanta and look at the local ModoModo agency.  KSU graduate, Jennifer Beech, works at ModoModo - matter-of-fact - she did her internship there while she was a senior and has yet to leave.  Jennifer will hopefully be one of our speakers at KMA this semester.  (If you haven't already heard, KMA - the Kennesaw Marketing Association - is the student marketing organization at KSU.  I'm the faculty advisor and you can find out more on our website!)

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