Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ad Agencies and Collateral Services

Tonight we went over ad agencies and other collateral service firms in my Advertising class.  Below are links to four different full-service advertising agencies.  Take a look around their sites, and see not only how they market different but how they are based on different philosophies:
Leo Burnett – It’s all about the big pencil, the big idea – Mr. Burnett created the idea of inherent drama in ads – something that draws us in and gets our attention.  You will know him best as the creator of the Marlboro cowboy.
David Ogilvy started Ogilvy & Mather.  Mr. Ogilvy believed in uniform branding and creating memorable images.  Notice the differences in this website compared to Burnett’s.  Ogilvy could be seen as one of the first advertisers to get the one look, one voice of IMC.
Saatchi & Saatchi has built their brand around the idea of ‘Lovemarks.’  The CEO wrote a book about Lovemarks – branding and loyalty beyond what we normally think of.  It’s all about consumers emotionally connecting to brands.
Barkley is a different kind of ad agency.  They are employee owned and focus on honesty in what they do.  Watch the video on the homepage about what they stand for.  Is it different than the other agencies you visited? – you bet! 

One of my students suggested looking at XA, the experiential agency, that specializes in event marketing - but not in events in the way you are use to think about them.  Check out their portfolio or the clips they have on the home page - some neat stuff.  I really enjoyed the Covert Affairs on USA promotion they did!
This is the link for the major advertising awards:  Cannes Lion awards -

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