Monday, January 30, 2012

VW and Company start to tease...

VW last year released their much loved (and watched) Super Bowl commercial - before the Super Bowl!  It generated a lot of buzz, and people actually looked for it during the actual Game itself.  So how do you top this:

It's current count on YouTube is almost 49.5 million views....

This year, they released a teaser for their campaign as a whole, and we weren't let down.  It already has 10+ million views on YouTube and has been linked back and forth across the social stratosphere.

The video ends with "" - which on January 27th opened up for people to create invitations to Super Bowl parties with a Star Wars theme.  Pretty cool - but not what I expected.

There's been a lot of talk this year - VW included - about how to increase commercial viewership (both before, during and after the game) associated with the Super Bowl.  Obviously, VW managed to to create a commercial that spoke to many people on different levels and entertained us.  One prevailing thought is that the teaser or pre-Super Bowl commercial release is the way to go.

Honda used a viral :09 teaser video to peak people's interests:

Speculation was flying around in Social Media comments about what is this for?  Is there a new movie coming out?  Soon, the media broke that it was about Honda's new CRV.  Here's the full length commercial:

Now, we know it isn't about the movie - but taking the movie and turning it into a commercial.  It's funny - it's long - it's nostalgic, but does it connect with their target market?  It at least made me remember it was a CRV - which can be a problem any many humorous commercials - remember it not the product.

Kia is trying to get in on the car teaser ads with this one - which I totally don't understand.  Except for the sex sells thing, of course.

Skechers released it own with a bulldog hurdle jumping dog with cute little sketchers on its feet!  His back legs just look wrong!

And yet another car teaser - Lexus this time:

And lastly, Bridgestone - complete with behind the scene video on their YouTube channel tells us the sports world will never be the same:

And because it was my second favorite of last year - here's Bridgestone's commercial from Super Bowl 2011.  I wish they had continued with the cute animal theme instead of the old athletes theme in the teaser.

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